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Mary Berry:
I was rooting for you, we were ALL rooting for you! How dare you!?

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I can’t imagine how confused non-British people on tumblr must be right now. Like, it’s the usual collection of Doctor Who and feminism and all of a sudden there’s a wave of people furious about baking and home made ice cream and a pensioner called Diana.

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I know sue tweeted about how long the ice cream was out of the freezer but regardless of how long it seems pretty obvious that diana wasn’t going to tell ian it was sitting out

she had the opportunity to not only move it/move hers to another freezer but to also tell him that it was out and let’s not forget the fact that she never even apologised as far as we’ve seen

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When Deborah stole Norman’s custard. She confessed and let him know what she had done ASAP.

When Diana allowed Iain’s Ice Cream to melt, she just blamed him and said nothing!!!

May all her bakes be dry with soggy bottoms.